Kandungan Memo Bantahan ke Kedutaan US Esok (15/10/2004)

Berikut adalah kandungan memo bantahan terhadap serangan pengganas Israel di utara Gaza yang didokongi oleh sekutu kuatnya, Amerika.
Memo ini akan diserahkan kepada pejabat kedutaan US di ibukota esok. Sama2 kita mendoakan keselamatan saudara kita di Palestin di bulan Ramadhan ini.


15 OCTOBER 2004



The current Israeli military onslaught on Jabaliya is creating a dangerous open genocide on the helpless Palestinian refugees trapped in overcrowded camps in Gaza. With the continuous killings confronting the world?s inability and the United Nation?s incapability to curb such violence, the very basis of human existence and survival is endangered.

An overwhelming number of 2,000 troops and 200 tanks is deployed. More than 90 Palestinians have been killed, thousands injured and more than 50 houses flattened in this act of terror committed by the Israeli regime.

Despite the conflagration of a clearly one sided act of state terrorism , the decision by United States of America to use its veto power to stop the United Nations Security Council unanimous vote on 6/10/2004 for an immediate Israeli withdrawal is very much regretted and uncalled for.


We, a conglomerate of concerned Malaysians representing a united voice of concern from political parties and non governmental organizations and religious groups in Malaysia wish to register our strong and vehement protest on the Israeli regime continuous act of terror on Palestinian refugees at Jabaliya camp, Gaza strip.

The Israeli action is condemned by all major religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.


Although Israel has attempted to justify their military action as an act of self defence, uprooting resistance fighters stronghold and destroying rocket launching pads, the excessive use of force is a clear violation of the international law. Israeli actions further worsen their record of non compliance to the numerous resolutions they had earlier agreed; the Human Rights Declaration 1949, the United Nations Resolution 181, the Security Council Resolution 242 and any others, not to mention the biased agreement between Israel and Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) for example the Oslo Agreement 1993 which benefited Israel the most.

Israel?s inhuman actions and human slaughtering will only lead to an escalation of counter attacks. This condition of vengeance will not bring about a long lasting peace in the region which everyone envisage. The Palestinians on the other hand will definitely continue to put up a resistance to free their rightful homeland from Israeli occupation.

We believe that the basic cause of the Palestinian Israeli conflict has to be uncovered and resolved in order to bring about an acceptable peaceful climate. Prior to 14/5/1948, Palestine was an independent and sovereign state until it was annexed and occupied by Israel. The right inhabitants of Palestine was expelled from their homeland, houses demolished and pastures razed. In return the Zionist illegal settlements proliferated right into the heart of West Bank and Gaza strip which was declared a Palestinian territory under the Oslo Agreement 1993.


Immediate remedy

We urge the United States of America as an unchallenged superpower exercise its role to force Israel to end all military actions and withdraw its troops unconditionally from Jabaliya, Gaza.

We also urge President George W. Bush to coerce Ariel Sharon expedite his planned withdrawal from Gaza strip as scheduled without putting conditions by annexing fresh Palestinian territories as a replacement for the dismantled settlements.

The American president must further coerce the Israeli premier to demolish the separation wall declared illegal by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

We demand a free influx of humanitarian and medical assistance into the occupied territories to reduce the suffering of the people.

All act of targeted murders by the Zionist regime on Palestinian leaders should cease immediately.

Prerequisite for peace.

We stand firm to our point that the minimum prerequisite for an acceptable peace is Israeli unconditional withdrawal to the 1948 border and allowing Palestinians the right for determination.

It is very crucial to acknowledge the fact that Israel is the occupying force and the Palestinians is waging a legitimate and justified resistance to free their homeland. They should not be looked as perpetrators of terror not at least until full Israeli unconditional withdrawal to the 1948 border.

We would also want to see the dismantling of all existing Zionist settlements in occupied territories and an end to new establishments.

All a number of 6 million Palestinians who live as refugees in and outside Palestine should be given access for safe return to their long deserted homeland . This should not be viewed as a threat to the Zionist inhabitants who had been enjoying long years of peaceful coexistence with Palestinians prior to the 1947 Balfour Declaration.

World conscience

We also urge world organizations like UN, OIC, NATO, EU, NAM, ASEAN etc to be given their freedom to exercise their role in peace establishments and all efforts towards a long lasting peace.

The United States of America, Russia, Britain, France and China should stop using their veto power weapon to nullify any democratically processed United Nations and Security Council resolutions.


We reiterate our strong belief that a peaceful solution can be achieved if all parties recognize the basic rights of human existence and survival. Continuous suppression of the basic rights of the Palestinian to regain their homeland and the Zionist?s neglect for peace, and non adherence to resolutions earlier agreed, would lead to the Palestinians no longer beguiled by any renewed Israeli or American talks about a future self determination. This will create instability in the region in particular and the world in general.

In the name of international justice, peace, law and order we propose our memorandum.